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At Mount West Insurance, we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. As your trusted partner in securing your assets and financial future, we offer specialized business insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, and financial & strategic consulting services. Our deep industry knowledge and experience allow us to deliver exceptional insurance solutions and strategic insights that are truly personalized to each of our clients. Whether you’re a business owner seeking robust commercial insurance coverage, a homeowner looking for comprehensive protection, an automobile owner needing clarity on your coverage, or an entrepreneur in need of strategic financial consulting, we stand ready to provide top-tier services with a commitment to transparency, integrity, and personalized care.


Business Insurance

As a commercial insurance specialist, Mount West Insurance has access to a suite of insurance companies and products to meet the ever changing and evolving needs of our clientele. The insurance options that we offer our clients are individually vetted to ensure that they meet the high standards of coverage that we demand.

Home Insurance

The insurance industry has evolved over the past decade; becoming more automated, in particular, allowing consumers to purchase their insurance over the internet. Even though this type of transaction may e preferred by some consumers, at Mount West, we believe that the experience needs to be more interactive. Many people have complex personal insurance needs, including multiple properties in different provinces or countries, high valued or appreciating art, and expensive jewelry. We believe that a conversation is always needed to properly develop an understanding of the insurance product that will best protect your assets. We also want to ensure that you understand the coverage that you are purchasing, so that there are no surprises if you have a claim.

Auto Insurance

It may be your cherished possession or simply a daily commuter. Regardless at Mount West, we want to make sure that you fully understand the auto insurance purchase so that there are no surprises if you have a claim.

Financial & Strategic Consulting

Mount West Insurance has the ability and experience to support your financial and strategic decisions by providing support. By learning about your business, and using our many years of experience and training, we can offer value-added service. Whether it is help with accounting, selecting a banking partner, selecting an equity partner, or determining how to improve operations we can support your financial and strategic needs.

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